"Crisis in Utopia" is Out!!!

TODAY IS THE DAY!!!! So it is official! "Crisis in Utopia" is finally out. It was such a long and arduous battle to finish this beast but it's done. We did have a few casualties along the way so to say "just finishing was a victory" is an understatement. It sounds amazing, Mark Lewis mixed the hell out of it. And Matt Appleton is my hero too. I'm pretty damn happy with it overall. It is important to remember that people don't hear what the artist intended to record, they just hear what is recorded. So I vow never to issue some remix, remaster or re-recording of this album. Everyone who has the album has the definitive album. Play it Loud!!! I'm insanely proud of what me and my brothers have accomplished. I hope everyone digs it. So Cheers, Kompai, Salud, L'chaim and Fucking Oath!!!!! HOLY GRAIL!!!!!!!! - ELI

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