So I am back in LA right now when I should be somewhere in the midwest heading to the next show. Why? Because the HG Van broke down, sigh. So hopefully we will make it to the Pittsburg show. In other news, HG made it to #18 in Revolver's Top 20 of 2010. Awesome!!! And we also had the video for "My Last Attack" played on Headbanger's Ball twice. So definite, good things. As long as we can get our Van fixed. - Eli

Life on the Road 

So Holy Grail has officially been on the road for over a week. And it's been awesome. Blind Guardian is great. The first 3 shows with them were magical. We are in Canada right now about to play the Metropolis. I'm writing this in a Montreal Dressing Room. It's already cold and it's just going to get colder. Pretty ruff for a kid from SoCal. Oh well, that's Rock and/or Roll. Thrash! - Eli


Today, Holy Grail did a Promo Photoshoot at Suicide Bridge in Pasadena. I'm fully expecting to see ghosts in the pictures when they develop I think they are going to be pretty damn amazing. J Bennett took the pictures and not only is he a gifted Writer and Photographer but he's also a rad dude. What's awesome as well is that John Konesky of Trainwreck/Tenacious D is filling in on bass for our upcoming tour with Blind Guardian. He was also in the pictures today. Also, Rad Dude. We also finished…

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"Crisis in Utopia" is Out!!! 

TODAY IS THE DAY So it is official! "Crisis in Utopia" is finally out. It was such a long and arduous battle to finish this beast but it's done. We did have a few casualties along the way so to say "just finishing was a victory" is an understatement. It sounds amazing, Mark Lewis mixed the hell out of it. And Matt Appleton is my hero too. I'm pretty damn happy with it overall. It is important to remember that people don't hear what the artist intended to record, they just hear what is…

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"Crisis in Utopia" CD Release Party 

Tonight Holy Grail is having it's CD release party at Vacation Vinyl on Sunset. Followed by a Video Shoot for "My Last Attack". Pumped and Nervous all at the same time. I hope I look rad!


So Holy Grail formerly Sorcerer just pretty much officially signed to Prosthetic Records today. What a trip? So the solo releases will definitely be on hold indefinitely. My wrist is slowly getting better but is still jacked up. I have no clue what's wrong with it. Bad Timing. But yeah, I'm a Signed Artist not just a Loser Musician now. I should probably celebrate.

Super SoCal Flake 

So I know it's only been 2 and a Half years since I've posted any kind of news but I feel like it's time. The album has now turned into a double album Itunes exclusive. And should be out before the end of the decade I have joined the Pasadena Metal outfit Sorcerer. I play guitar alongside one of the best guitarist I've ever heard, James J. Larue. It's kind of nice not to worry about vocals thanks to the talented James Luna. I'm having a blast locking in with the toughest rhythm sections ever Tyler…

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Baby Steps 

So we take another Baby Step towards Jammin' with Jovi. "Proximity Infatuation", "Go Deep!" and "Rain Dance" just got added to the playlist. I'm sure this is how Zeppelin felt the first time they got added to an Internet Radio Station. And anyone who goes and requests any of our songs will receive a lifetime supply of Hi-Fives from yours truly. -Eli


I've finally got my own website after all this time. I've always been a late bloomer I guess. I hadn't seen a CD until I was in 7th grade so that says a lot about how up I am on technology. This site will probably be a constant work in progress because I don't know a damn thing about web design and am too broke to pay someone to do it. So there will be no bells and whistles just yet. So if it's not flashy enough for you feel free to refer to my space page. Thank you and enjoy!